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Open-source browser-based tools. No advertisement, no tracking. It just works!

codeberg • javascript
Hosts lists

Block those unnecessary connections to ads, telemetry and companies you don't like.

codeberg • pihole • woodpecker

Reintroducing an April Fools feature on Discord.

discord • python
Discord Modmail

A modmail with rich features using the latest discord.js version.

discord • javascript | release 1.3.5b

Download images, videos & GIFs from Reddit.

python • reddit | release 0.0.3

A short and full-featured ad blocker for Windows

batch • windows | release 1.0.0

LMSTFY - Let Me Search That For You (on DuckDuckGo)

codeberg • javascript
Next project

This one will be releasing soon. At least, I hope so.